An Innovative Smart Door

Smart and convenient. Stylish and secure. This Smart Door has everything you need built in.
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Powered, connected, at your service

LED Welcome Lighting
Built-in LED lights to light your entryway.
Integrated Smart Lock
Lock or unlock your door with your phone.
Helpful App Notifications
An easy to use app to control your door on the go.
Smart Door Sensors
Door sensors that know when someone is approaching.
Built-in Video Doorbell
Watch deliveries, guests and goings-on from anywhere.
Integrated power connection
A power source that doesn't rely on batteries.

Security With Complete Control

Keep your family safe with an integrated video doorbell that shows you who is approaching your home.
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Convenience You Can't Live Without

Get an easy-to-use app that notifies you when your door opens and closes and allows you to control the lights remotely.
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Innovative, Integrated Power

No reliance on batteries means no hassle.
With technology that's powered by a fully integrated door, you won't  need to rely on batteries to stay connected to your smart devices.
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A System That Fits Your Lifestyle

Door sensors monitor the activity around your entryway and send you alerts.
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Increase The Value Of Your Home

The all-in-one smart door system has everything you need and can increase the  value of your home.
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Designed Beautifully

With dozens of stylish designs, colors, finishes and glass options, you can find a smart door that elevates your home.
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